What is hyperhidrosis?


Hyperhidrosis is an intense sweating for a variety of reasons. The word itself comes from the Latin words "hyper" - elevated and "hydro" - water. In a literal translation, the complex medical term of hyperhidrosis is increased sweating.

It is natural for a person to sweat, but usual sweating is not a disease, but a natural reaction of the body to fear, emotions, heat. But in the case of hyperhidrosis, everything is different: even at the thought of hands and handshakes, arms, sweat appears instantly on your hands, just at the thought.


  • Sweating at the thought of handshakes, hugs.
  • Sweating with excitement, even small.
  • Intensive sweating, when a person came from a frosty street to a store, a house and other buildings.


Physicians identify several possible causes of hyperhidrosis - the effects of endocrine, tumor, various infections. Also, the cause of profuse sweating can be transferred meningitis. In order to determine the exact cause, the doctors in each case conduct a survey of the patient and look through the medical chart with the histories of other diseases.


Treatment of hyperhidrosis is conservative and surgical. The most effective method is a small and simple operation that will permanently rid the person of excessive sweating of the hands. To surgical methods, the treatment of hyperhidrosis includes endoscopic sympathectomy, open sympathectomy or traditional sympathectomy. The essence of these operations is to cut the skin in places of increased sweating throughout the body and to block the possibility of intense sweating.

Another method is liposuction of the armpit. Using a small tube, which is injected through a pinhole, the axillary tissue is removed. The destruction of the sympathetic nerves passing through it leads to disruption of the flow of nerve impulses to the sweat glands. The described method is mostly used to treat complete patients. Many patients are attracted by so-called ultrasound liposuction. The method is widely used in plastic surgery and allows you to make liposuction in a more complete and slightly less traumatic manner - resulting in fewer scars.

Course of the disease

With hyperhidrosis, two states are distinguished: general and local increased sweating. In most cases, there is a local essential hyperhidrosis. Until now, it is not known why this type of hyperhidrosis occurs (therefore it is called essential).

Everyone decides for himself whether to go to the doctor or not. Increased sweating is not life threatening, but, as practice shows, it greatly affects the psychology of a person, he becomes nervous, insecure, afraid to make contact, believing that he can give his sweating. As a consequence, hyperhidrosis can lead to neurosis, a sense of depression, depression.


1. Diseases of subcutaneous adipose tissue
2. Diseases of sweat glands
3. Warts
4. lupus erythematosus
5. Hypertrichosis