Adrenogenital syndrome


Adrenogenital syndrome (ACS) is a congenital pathological condition caused by dysfunction of the adrenal cortex with excessive secretion of androgens and is manifested by signs of virilization. Adrenogenital syndrome occurs if the adrenal cortex begins to produce too many male sex hormones. Violation of this function can be congenital or acquired.

Symptoms of adrenogenital syndrome

  • In boys: premature puberty; Excessive growth of muscle mass.
  • In girls: premature puberty; Development of the male type.
  • In men: excessive hair loss and increased muscle mass; Baldness, pimples; Lower voice,
  • In women, the symptoms are more pronounced: an enlarged clitoris, a small chest.

Causes of adrenogenital syndrome

The reason is an increase in the function of the adrenal cortex. Violation of this function is manifested if the body produces few hormones of cortisone and aldosterone, which stimulates the production of adrenal glands by male sex hormones (androgens). The cause of congenital adrenogenital syndrome is usually a tumor of the adrenal cortex.

Treatment of adrenogenital syndrome

In the presence of a tumor or any other changes in the tissues, surgery is performed. If the disease is hereditary, the treatment is carried out with medicines containing missing hormones. Medicines must be used all life.

Preventive measures are absent. If in a family one child already suffers from ACS, then the second child has a likelihood of developing this syndrome.

The congenital form of this syndrome can be diagnosed already in the hospital, immediately after birth. If the symptoms of ASD appear later, you need to see a doctor immediately.

The doctor will evaluate the structure of the whole body and genitals, the degree of expression of sexual characteristics, and so on. After performing an analysis of urine and blood, he will receive information about the peculiarities of hormonal metabolism. Additional data will be provided by ultrasound and X-ray examinations of the adrenal glands.

Course of the disease

In women, the disease manifests itself as virilization, i.e. The presence of secondary male sexual characteristics (for example, a mustache, a beard, a rough voice, an increase in the clitoris and muscle mass). In men, the symptoms of adrenogenital syndrome are not so pronounced. In rare cases, men with this syndrome may manifest feminization. With the congenital form of the disease premature sexual and somatic ripening manifests itself to 4-5 years.

Children suffering from this syndrome, begin to grow earlier, they are characterized by violations of psychosexual development. In connection with the premature maturation of the bones of the skeleton, the further growth of the child ceases, they remain short, but with a developed musculature. The penis in boys is unusually large, the testicles remain normal, but in relation to the large penis seem small. Sperm in the testicles is not produced. Early puberty manifests itself. Girls often have congenital changes in the genitals (penis-like clitoris, scrotum large labia, etc.). In the postnatal period, virilization continues (amenorrhea, hirsutism, atrophy of the mammary glands, rough voice, growth of muscle mass).


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