Alcohol addiction


Alcoholism - a chronic disease caused by the systematic use of alcoholic beverages, characterized by an attraction to them and leading to mental and physical disorders. According to the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO), an alcoholic is a person who is dependent on alcohol, with mental and physical disorders, which has violated social and social ties. Alcoholism is a very serious illness. In our country every alcoholic has the right to treatment.

Symptoms of alcoholism

  • Constant need for alcohol.
  • Uncontrolled drinking.
  • Impaired memory and consciousness.
  • Lesion of organs, for example, cirrhosis of the liver, gastritis, acute pancreatitis, cardiovascular diseases.

Causes of alcoholism

Dependence on alcohol is due to biochemical and mental causes. Alcohol is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth and stomach and is distributed throughout the body with blood flow. Later, alcohol is split in the liver. It is suggested that one of the reasons for the painful desire for alcohol is a genetic defect, which slows down the splitting of alcohol in the liver. Another cause of alcoholism is the effect of alcohol on the human psyche. It is possible that this is due to a lack of certain proteins in the brain. Under the influence of alcohol, it seems to a person that he can overcome problems and relieve nervous tension. However, to achieve this state of euphoria, each time an increasing amount of alcohol is required. Over time, the body gets used to alcohol, alcohol dependence appears.

Treatment of alcoholism

Alcoholics should be treated by a narcologist and a psychologist. It is necessary to completely abandon alcohol. Sudden withdrawal of alcohol causes withdrawal. The alcoholic often has severe physical and mental disorders.

Most often, a person suffering from alcohol dependence can not help themselves. However, a positive effect is having visits to therapeutic self-help groups.

If it's hard for you to give up alcohol and control its use, then you need to see a doctor. Unfortunately, few alcoholics admit their illness. Often they begin to be treated only by coercion of relatives or after they got into a serious state of intoxication or were the cause of an accident.

The doctor examines the patient and finds out how much the internal organs are affected. Then he will appoint a special course of treatment.

Course of the disease

The alcoholic with the passage of time there are severe organic lesions, for example, cirrhosis of the liver, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the esophagus and stomach, inflammation of the pancreas, anemia and heart diseases. Also there are mental disorders, for example, hallucinations, disorders of consciousness, anxiety and delirium.

Alcoholism (like many other diseases characterized by a painful attraction) is a combination of physical and mental dependence. There are several stages of alcoholism. The transition from one stage to another is not very pronounced. In men, the last stage of the disease is observed 15 years after the start of regular intake of alcohol. In women and young people, the disease progresses faster. The later stage of alcoholism, the harder it is to find the current means to fight the disease. Therefore, a person who takes alcohol constantly and in large quantities, needs prompt help. Unfortunately, often he himself does not understand this.

Physical and spiritual dependence

People who only on special occasions allow themselves to take alcohol slightly more than usual, but in daily life not consuming or not drinking enough alcoholic beverages, suffer from this disease much less often than those who take alcohol in small doses, but every day. Soon such people develop a constant need for a certain concentration of alcohol in the body, i.e. They become physically dependent on him. Sometimes a person suffers only by psychic dependence on alcohol, in which case he uses alcohol as a means to solve problems and internal conflicts.

Help with alcoholism

Some alcoholics manage to get rid of this painful attraction, but most, unfortunately, can not get out of the quagmire of alcoholism without professional help. Depending on the stage of the disease, one is enough for a psychologist to consult, others are very helpful in communicating in a self-help group. When a patient is physically dependent, hospital treatment is necessary. In the hospital detoxification of the body lasts 1-2 weeks, then attempts are made to suppress the patient's desire for alcohol. This lasts from 6 weeks to 6 months. After treatment - an obligatory visit to the self-help group. However, after this, the most difficult stage begins: a person must permanently refuse to take alcohol, since a single glass can contribute to a relapse of the disease.

Professional help with alcoholism

Often, people who abuse alcohol, use drugs. Urgent alcohol and drug diagnosis is performed in many hospitals in the country. For help, you can go to private medical offices. Doctors toxicologists advise and treat acute poisoning, provide professional assistance to the patient at home, but such help is costly.

The success of treatment can be prevented by very small doses of alcohol. A small amount of alcohol can contain quite "innocent" foods, for example, chocolate sweets, pies, ice cream and even non-alcoholic beer.

To combat alcoholism, specialist help, the strong will of the patient, and his desire to recover, are necessary. A man convinced that, having become out of alcohol, he can control the reception of alcohol, is deeply mistaken.


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