Workaholism, attraction to work


People with a painful inclination to work are so devoted to it that it becomes the meaning of their life. The condition of such a person is very accurately characterized by the term workaholic (workaholic), originated in America.

Causes of painful attraction to work

The causes of workaholism are the organization of a modern society, where all activities are strictly distributed. According to psychologists, modern working conditions hinder the development of normal relationships between people. Previously, people could get recognition by talking with friends or acquaintances. Today, a person, first of all, seeks to make a career. But such a "replacement" a person is not enough. As a person progresses in service, his communication with other people suffers.

Self-realization in work

A person with a painful inclination to work, tries to find in himself. His self-esteem depends on professional success. Lack of communication with people is also compensated by work. True, it is often impossible to determine exactly where workaholism destroys a person's personality, and where ordinary diligence and diligence.

Probably, everyone at least once in his life felt like a "squirrel in the wheel", giving all his strength to work, and doing everything possible to ensure that it was completed on time. Usually because of this, no pathologies occur. However, for a workaholic, work becomes the meaning of life, and everything else (family, friends, etc.) loses its meaning. The workaholic inevitably develops somatic diseases: insomnia, exhaustion, heart and blood vessel diseases, he becomes very sensitive and nervous. Such a person needs a "drug". To maintain their ability to cope with difficult tasks (which a normally working person can not do), the workaholic has to resort to alcohol, nicotine, sedatives, drugs that tonic the central nervous system.

Treatment of workaholism

Workaholics, like all people with any morbid dependence, are mistaken, believing that they control the situation. Only having exhausted all the energy reserves, such a person suddenly realizes the need to change something. It is very important to stop in time and learn to protect your strength and health, otherwise there is fatigue, the consequences of which can be very difficult. In addition, working capacity is lost irrevocably. Escape from the vicious circle can be, resorting to the help of a psychotherapist.


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