Sexual perversion


What is sexual perversion?

Sexual perversion - painful violations of the orientation of the sexual desire or ways to meet it. Previously, all sexual deviations were considered painful disorders. Currently, only a part of the deviations are pathological in nature. Perversions include: exhibitionism, sadism, masochism, voyeurism and frotterism.

Types of sexual perversion

  • Exhibitionism is the achievement of sexual satisfaction by demonstrating sexual organs to people of the opposite sex.
  • Sadism - sexual satisfaction is achieved when causing a partner physical pain or suffering.
  • Masochism is a perversion where it is necessary to experience physical pain or moral humiliation in order to achieve sexual satisfaction.
  • Voyeurism - the desire to look at the genitals or contemplate sexual intercourse.
  • Frottery - sexual arousal and satisfaction are achieved by rubbing against the body of another person. Usually occurs in places of mass congestion of people.
  • Pedophilia is a sexual attraction to children.
  • Pederastia is male homosexuality with a tendency to attract boys.
  • Gerontophilia is a sexual attraction to the elderly.
  • Sodomy is a sexual attraction to animals and getting satisfaction from sexual contact with them.
  • Fetishism is a sexual attraction to various subjects, parts of the body and elements of clothing. Often these items are used during masturbation.
  • Exkrementofiliya - perversion, in which sexual arousal and sexual relaxation occur only with the touch, sniffing and swallowing of the discharge of a person (feces, urine, sweat, saliva, menstrual blood, etc.).
  • Necrophilia is an irresistible attraction to sexual acts with corpses.
  • Transvestism - the desire to dress in clothes of the opposite sex.

Symptoms of Sexual Abnormalities

  • Sexual arousal causes only certain actions.
  • A growing sexual attraction.
  • Inability to control sexual behavior.

Causes of Sexual Abnormalities

At the heart of sexual perversions are disorders of the psyche, the causes of which are not fully understood. Most often they accompany various forms of neuroses. Sexual perversions are associated with an inability to control sexual attraction, aggression and fear. The cause may also be sexual abuse, suffered as a child.

Unresolved conflicts

Sexual deviations may be the result of unresolved internal conflicts. However, sexual deviations are considered a mental disorder only if a person is strongly or completely dependent on them. If, occasionally to achieve sexual arousal, a person views erotic photographs, watches erotic films, reads erotic literature, this does not mean that he is a pervert.

Course of the disease

Sexual abnormalities usually have a progressive or impulsive nature of the course. Satisfaction of sexual desire can be the only goal in a person's life. Due to the fact that sexual arousal causes only certain behavior or objects, a person is not able to lead a normal sex life. This leads to an increase in sexual desire and the desire to compensate for sexual dissatisfaction. Sexual deviation with an impulsive type of flow is most often manifested in a psychotraumatic situation (emotional overstrain, conflict, etc.). The emergence of a similar situation contributes to the manifestation of sexual perversion.

Are sexual perversions dangerous?

If sick people are not able to control their sex drive and sexual behavior, they can be dangerous for others. Such people need treatment.


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