Gout swelling management


Gout is very common leg disease, less often it attacks hands.

The origin of a disease comes from ancient times, when people mostly ate fat, nutritious food, and the physical inactivity only makes it worse.


So what are the causes of contraction of a disease? First of all it’s the inheritance factor, but in comparison with modern statistics this disease affects less than 5% people of the world. Generally, people who eat much meat and fish products suffer from gout.

Daily ration with such components leads to protein level increase, which means producing of urate – this is one of the basic causes. Also endocrine diseases, metabolic disorder, overweight, alcohol and high-purine diet become the initial factors in disease development.Gout of the first toe


When metabolic disorder takes place, urates begin to accumulate in joint capsule. This accumulation leads to joint swelling, where the pathological process starts. Swelling usually appears with redness which says about inflammation of joint.

List of treatment procedures includes manipulations, which help to remove inflammation, swelling and pain.


First aid for swelling – put some ice in the place of gout location and cover with dry cloth. Patient has to drink a lot of water which takes out unwanted uric acid.

It is needed to consume alkaline mineral water, kissel and milk. Total amount of liquid must be more than 3 liters. Fresh fruit, especially cherry and bilberry also decrease the inflammation process.

Complete rest is recommended, and inflamed limb must be lift up. Leg or hand (depends on gout location) should be hold in elevated position. Pillow or roller may be useful.Indomethacin is a very effective anti-inflammatory drug

Anti-inflammatory medicine such as:

  • Ibuprofen;
  • Indomethacin;
  • Nimesulide;
  • Diclofenac and others.

The most used ointments which are based on dimexidum, Vishnevsky liniment or fullflex. It is necessary to keep diet: no sauces, meat, shell-fish, beans and mushrooms and no alcohol of course, especially beer, which contains a lot of purine.


The most popular folk methods of gout treatment are:

  • lilac – fill 0, 5 L. bottle with lilac and add 60% alcohol. Keep for a month. Take 30 drops for 3-4 times per day, also this infusion may be covered on diseased joints.
  • chamomile – 100 grams to 10 liters of water and 200 grams of salt make a pain relief bath.
  • aconitum – very useful methods of folk medicine which decrease the size of the tumor, removes swelling, and takes out uric acid. Mix 100 grams of Aconitum with 1 L. of vodka or with 50% alcohol. Keep dark for at least 3-4 till the liquid become dark brown. Infusion may be rubbed on legs or hands no more than once per day. It is better to rub for a night until it absorbed, cover with warm cloth after. This method increases blood circulation, so it is not allowed to abuse it.
  • a very effective compress may be made of mustard, honey and soda that removes gouty swelling . Mixture is applied onto affected area and covered with cloth or bandage. Leave the compress for the night and swelling is to be smaller at morning.


Iodine is a cheap remedy for gout. It can be used not only for disinfection of open wounds, but for inflammation removing by entering tissue deeply.


Iodine solution requires 10mg of iodine with 5 aspirin tablets added. Iodine solution loses its dark color afterwards. When inflamed limbs are rubbed, it is needed to wear warm socks or gloves.

It should be noted, that aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is not allowed to swallow. It has absolutely different effect inside organism – increases the amount of urine acid which causes to stagnant process of blood and constitutional weakness.Iodine leg bath

Iodine bath

One more effective way to use iodine, it’s an iodine bath. It requires 3-5 iodine drops per liter of water and 1 teaspoon of soda.  Take bath for about 15-20 minutes and after 10 days the result will be reached – gout swelling is gone.

No need to wait and suffer till gout is gone, since the disease may turn into chronic form, and treatment will be more complicated and expensive in this case. Nevertheless, there are many methods of folk medicine which give good results in gout treatment and require less expense.


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