Whiplash injury of the neck


Whiplash injury of the neck - this is a damage to the ligaments, vertebrae, spinal cord or nerve endings in the neck, caused by sharp bending of the neck. At the time of injury, the head begins to swing from side to side, as if evading the impacts of the whip, hence the name of the damage. All damages of the cervical vertebrae, obtained in the manner described above and affecting soft tissues, are called the whiplash injury of the cervical spine. They were first described in 1928 by the American scientist H.A. Crow. Symptoms usually appear right after receiving a strong and sharp impact. Chronic spinal cord injury syndrome refers to the symptoms observed after 6 months or more after receiving damage.


  • Pain in cervical vertebrae, limitation of neck mobility.
  • Impaired sensation, radiating pain in the arm.
  • Dizziness.
  • Headache.


Whiplash injury of the cervical spine is mainly obtained during a car accident, when a blow falls on the back of the car. The head of the passenger abruptly leans back, and then - forward. This trauma is associated with the moment of surprise, tk. If the victim could foresee the collision, he would instinctively strain the neck muscles, which would help to avoid damage.


It is necessary to ensure the immobility of the neck. Treatment is carried out with the help of gymnastic exercises and thermal applications.

After receiving a severe impact in an accident, the victim's neck is very sensitive. It must be protected and avoided any strain on the muscles and tendons. You can perform special exercises.

If after a strong blow cervical vertebrae hurt, then it is necessary to see a doctor. But even if after an accident, pain is not observed, you need to see a doctor to make sure that the whiplash injury of the neck was avoided. Often pain or other symptoms appear several hours or even days after the incident occurred.

The doctor will ask the patient to describe the incident. Then he will check if the cervical vertebra is broken. If the symptoms listed by you confirm the diagnosis of whiplash injury, then for the immobilization of the neck the doctor will appoint a special tire. After a while, it is necessary to conduct therapeutic exercises, which will be performed by a kinesiotherapist or a specialist in manual therapy.

Most often, a 3-6 week wear of a special foam plastic is sufficient to ensure that the symptoms of a whiplash injury of the cervical spine completely disappear. Sometimes therapeutic gymnastics is applied, the method of carrying out which basically depends on the observed symptoms and the severity of the damage received. In some countries, almost half of the patients visiting a neurologist are people who have undergone a whiplash injury to the neck. Sometimes, this disease is associated with the subsequent chronic headaches. However, there is an opinion that this malaise is rather the result of psychological and social factors, rather than physical illness.

In car accidents, you should consider the possibility of injury to the neck or spine, even if the pain is absent. Therefore, it is best to conduct a survey immediately after the accident.


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